Reflections From The Bible And Life

Being Sincere

1 Kings 8:22-30; Psalms 84:3-11; Mark 7:1-13

I have made several promises to God, and constantly end up breaking them. I have made several attempts to read the bible on a regular basis and I maintain a regular me time with the Lord, but always end up doing the opposite. Does this sound familiar to you?

So many times we have the good intention of wanting to know more about the Lord, to be selfless, to be compassionate and of service to others. The good intention is there, but when the opportunity for us to be such comes, we end up favoring ourselves and our own convenience, and so we do the opposite, or we may end up helping but we do it ingenuinely, as if we were forced to against our will.

It’s really a struggle for many of us. So often, we find it easy to make promises when we are richly blessed, but when we find ourselves struggling, suddenly we find it hard to be generous and loving. It’s as if our actions are dependent on our own current situation. It all boils down to being self-centered. We place our own needs before others.

Mark 7:6 reminds me that I am no different from the people who Jesus was accusing.

Dear Lord, teach us to be sincere in what we say, think, and do. Teach us to serve You that we may learn to be loving to others and focus on them rather than myself. Fill our hearts with Your grace. Amen.


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