Reflections From The Bible And Life

Love Is Not Complicated

Relationships now have become so complicated when it shouldn’t be. We are the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve, created “male and female.” We were set up to love, and absorb the love of God into our bloodstream and then to share it with another human being.

But we don’t live in a garden anymore. We’re the exact opposite of “naked and unashamed.” We wear clothes, and oftenly, our clothes are a cheap facade to mask our guilt and shame.

If we read the bible, we will know that people during the time of Jesus were already asking the same questions as what we have now, like questions about divorce, in Matthew 19. It’s just that we are so stubborn. In fact, the greatest example of love is Jesus’ great sacrifice- He offered His own body and blood for our salvation. Why complicate life when all we have to do is listen to what was taught and shown to us?

How many favorite movies about love do you have? Let’s see, there’s “The Notebook”, “Titanic”, “Notting Hill”, and a whole bunch of others, just to name a few. While they are really good movies about love, none of them actually portray love in godly standards. None of the romance novels portray God’s love better than the bible. It is only in the bible where you will encounter real-life stories about God’s love.

For now, I will just focus on sharing about God’s patient love. Let’s pick the love story of Isaac and Rebekah, how they came to be a couple. It involved many things, including Abraham’s great faith in God, and the servant’s loyalty to his master, Abraham.

First Abraham responded in faith when he gave instructions to the servant regarding finding a wife for his son. God told Abraham to look for his son’s wife in the new land promised to him, and he made it very clear in his instruction to the servant. God provided the right servant as well, the most loyal servant. He had to be loyal, for he was sent off with 10 camels packed with assorted hand-picked expensive gifts. God was involved in this since Day 1. God had a plan. He initiated everything.

The servant was prayerful aside from being loyal to Abraham. He prayed to God for success in his mission, and even gave the Lord a specific condition, that the girl that he ask water from, be generous and kind enough to water his 10 camels as well. This is the girl that he will introduce to Isaac. Now, a camel has enough capacity to contain several water tanks for condominiums. You can imagine what the servant is asking from God. God orchestrated the plan. The prayerful and faithful servant was one of the ingredients, and so was the timing for the plan, the location for carrying out the plan, the planting of Rebekah on the perfect spot where the timing was right, her right attitude, and the idea for the plan itself was from God. Everything was orchestrated by Him.

In this part, industry and diligence are being tested by God. He set aside the spring and well to check the women. The servant happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Everything that the servant asked God as a sign, happened to the letter. Rebekah offered to water the servant’s 10 camels and gave him drink. I can imagine how long that took as we had nothing electronic or fuel driven that time that could assist her in fetching all those gallons of water. It must have been back- breaking. God’s plan was consummated.

You see, if we are faithful to the Lord, anything we ask of Him will be granted. If our hearts belong to Him, chances are, we will end up wanting the same things as He wants us to have. Why will He deny us what we desire for when what we desire for is what He desires for us?

In looking for love relationship, (with the opposite sex) one just has to be at the right place and at the right time. If you want a relationship that would last forever, don’t go to cheesy and cheap places like bars and other hangout places, sinful massage places, nor parties. Go to a place where people come and worship the Lord just like you. If you want a decent partner then go to a decent place. If you are not sure, then pray for it, and do what the servant did. Prayer plays a major role in any relationship. Genesis 24:12 and Genesis 24:63 proves so. When in doubt, or in frustration, pray to the Lord.

Preparing for marriage is not about waiting for the right person to come along. It is also about you preparing yourself for the right person. In Genesis 24:18-21, the servant was awestruck at Rebekah, for there was no one in this world who was as hospitable, patient, humble, kind, selfless and generous as her. She was beyond what he’d imagine her to be for Isaac. Isaac’s servant was amazed at how God answered his prayer to every detail. Plus she was also very beautiful, according to Genesis 24. God doesn’t bless us partially, but abundantly beyond our expectations, always. Rebekah was the perfect woman at that time. We, too have to be that perfect person for our lifetime partner.

Our part in any love relationship is really just to trust God and obey and let Him do the rest. It is really about making the decision to love and making marriage a covenant. Love is not about feelings, just like what is happening today. So many pregnancies result from actions based on emotions. Many wake up after that and realize that they are not committed enough to love the person, and end up abandoning his or her responsibility. Marriage is a covenant between you and the Lord. It is about you promising to the Lord that you will love that person who you are blessed with, for the rest of your life, through highs and lows, till death. It is not something to be taken lightly.

God is very patient with us. God keeps His promises. When God promised Abraham that He will be the Father of all Nations, and that he would have as many descendants as the stars, He wasn’t kidding. It didn’t happen overnight, but nevertheless it happened, and continued on through Isaac and his other descendants. In fact, our population now is still a fulfillment of His promise to Abraham. 2 Peter 3:9 states, “The Lord is not slow about his promise, as some think of slowness, but is patient with you, not wanting any to perish, but all to come to repentance.” There may be some things that the Lord wants you to realize before He blesses you with what your desire, so that when He blesses you, it will be fully appreciated and not wasted away or taken for granted.


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