Reflections From The Bible And Life

Be Converted

Acts 22:3-16; Psalms 117:1-2; Mark 16:15-18

The Lord is not only present in our moments of happiness, but also in our moments of despair, sadness and grief. He allows things to happen for a good reason.

Imagine yourself looking at the world through your eyes. With your eyes, you are able to see everything. However, are you able to focus on the things that are more important to you? What is important to you? We get easily distracted by the many things that we see.

Now, imagine yourself blindfolded and guided by just a voice, and it is only that voice that you could rely on, since you can’t see the obstacles around you.

This is similar to the physical and spiritual blindness experienced by St. Paul, whose conversion took place when the Lord blinded Him. Before he was blinded physically by the Lord, he was blinded by power, that he even approved of the death of St. Stephen. But Jesus revealed Himself to him, which brought about his conversion.

After his conversion, Paul realized that what is important in life is knowing Christ, and having the righteousness from God by faith, rather than being self-righteous and seeking praise from mankind. The things that once mattered to him before his conversion became irrelevant to him.

So you see, God is present in everything that happens to us. Sometimes, distractions have to be taken out from us so we would be able to appreciate the things that God wants us to appreciate. The Lord will not allow us to experience things if there is nothing good at the end of it all.

Let us focus on the things that are important to our Lord rather than the senseless and useless things that are important to us.

Let us pray that we seek what the Lord seeks in us, rather than what we seek in ourselves.


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