Reflections From The Bible And Life

He Is My Provider

1 John 5:14-21 tells us that as long as we take the Lord’s teachings to heart and we have the desire to follow His ways, the Lord will never abandon us. He will always provide for us as He is our Provider, not our parents, our husbands, nor anybody else.

Many of us undergo periods of hardships where our faith is constantly tested. If we remain faithful to Him and stay true to His ways, He will always make a way for us. Trust me, if not, trust the bible.

 Psalm 46:10 reminds us to keep still in times of trials. It tells us not to panic, but know that He is our God, our Provider! For many of us, our instincts tell us to seek help from family and friends first, instead of the Lord. It is best to seek help from our Provider and God first, rather than make Him the last resort. It would be wise to ask Him for guidance on how to go through our trials, and for strength and His grace, instead taking matters into our own hands. 

 It is easy to say “Halleluiah!” at times of joy, but when we are easily shaken under trial, as we panic and make wrong decisions. Let us remember that God created us, and He knows what we will need even before we even realize it. He knows us even before we are born. We just have to believe in His goodness and trust Him. We should be faithful to Him.

 The Lord will never send us on stony paths, without providing us strong shoes. He will never let us suffer to a great extent if He knew that we won’t be strong enough to endure it. His ways are always good, although we find it hard to see His intentions in the things that happen in our lives. He writes in crooked lines, but the end result is always good. For this, we just have to trust in Him.  


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