Reflections From The Bible And Life

Seek The Lord

Acts 3:1-10; Psalms 105:1-9; Luke 24:13-35

Today’s readings remind us that we should not forget God’s undying love for us, His promises to us, and that we should remain faithful to Him. Once God has decided on something, nothing will prevent Him from fulfilling His promise. The promise of forgiveness and the cleansing of our souls have been fulfilled and given to us through the risen Christ. The Lord’s graces are there for all who seek it. As long as we walk in faith and live the faith, we will be blessed. God’s blessings however doesn’t mean prosperity and an abundance of material things. The Lord may not bless us with gold or silver, but we will be provided with blessings that are much better and more meaningful than gold and silver. These are spiritual blessings that make us happily involved with the Lord no matter how much or little you are materially blessed with, regardless of whether you are in your highs or lows. They may take the form of teachings when we are lost, miracles, unexplained events, as well as ordinary events, and many others. Having a real relationship with the Lord matters more than having having a bliss with material things which He gives us. Material things may disappear, but the Lord’s blessings consisting of an abundance of love and grace will never disappear. The Lord does bless us materially as a result of His love for us, but we should not focus on what He gives us, but focus on His love for us and how we should reciprocate. We are also blessed materially for a reason. When He does, He wants us to bless others with it. When we focus on material things and things that are not of God, we tend to misuse the blessings that God gives us, plus these material things tend to replace God in our lives. Satan focused on the power given to him by God, and look what happened. We will never be able to recognize God, His ways, and His blessings even if they are right in front of us when we are focused elsewhere.

The Israelites focused so much on their freedom from the Romans, Little did they know that Jesus was trying to set them free from sin right from the start, which is much better than just being liberated from physical slavery, for we can be free even if we’re slaves. However, we can not be free when we’re enslaved to sin, even if we are as free as birds. We will always have a space of emptiness within us, if we don’t have Jesus in our hearts. They were slaves to sin and Jesus was trying to them free, and He finally made this offer of freedom free for all after He died and rose again. The problem still reject this freedom and focus on so many other things instead of this offer of redemption, so they remain slaves to sin.

We should be aware of the Lord’s presence in our everyday lives. Christ walks with in our every trial, joy, and pain. Even if we abandon Him just as we did before in His earthly life, He will never abandon us. All we need to do is believe in the promise that he brings, and live in faith according to His teachings, and we will always be blessed.

Do not focus on our needs, but focus on the Lord and His teachings, and He will provide for our needs.


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