Reflections From The Bible And Life

Humility and Perseverance In The Lord

Acts 2:36-41; Psalms 33:4-22; John 20:11-18

The readings in the bible for today reminds us to stay faithful and humble no matter how successful we may be in life, or how far we have reached in our goals. The bible tells us not to rely too much on ourselves, for our efforts based on our own plans alone will never be fruitful compared to doing things as guided by God.

We can try to outsmart others by cheating, lying and boasting about ourselves and our good deeds. We will be able to gain praises from those around us but in the end, we end up with nothing but emptiness. No amount of material things will prevent us from being empty and sad. Being materially wealthy isn’t a sign of security. The Lord can take everything that He blesses you with and you can still end up being helpless the moment He does this. If our goal is just material in nature, then we only gain material things and nothing more. However if our goal is to follow what is right and good in the eyes of God, regardless of how blessed we are materially or not, we will always be blessed with inner peace and happiness, and our world would be filled with love. The things that are of God last eternally while material things don’t last long. Even a person who wins the lottery is bound to be poor in a matter of a time, if he does not have the Lord’s guidance.

Selfishness and pride are the worst deterring factors that prevent us from receiving God’s graces. When we are proud, we do not see our mistakes, for in our eyes, we see none. We become blind to sin when we are proud. It is when we become humble, loving and selfless that we start to see the goodness of others and the opportunity to learn many lessons being taught to us by God, many of these through other people around us, as well as situations or trials that may arise.

When we are filled with God’s graces, we are filled with love and compassion, become sensitive to other people’s feelings, and we become remorseful and aware of our own wrongdoings, unlike when we are proud and when we think highly of ourselves. It was pride that caused Satan to fall into sin. He felt highly of himself that he challenged God, our Creator. We all know what happened next.

Based on the bible, Mary Magdalene was possessed with 7 demons, but was cured by Jesus. We don’t know how she was cured, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or financially, but we know that Jesus touched her life. The moment Jesus cured her until His last day on Earth, Mary remained very loyal to Jesus, and was willing to share in His suffering. She witnessed both the crucifixion and burial of Jesus, even when it was dangerous for her to do so. What mattered to her was her love for Him more than anything else, even in the face of danger.

Even with 2 armed guards stationed at the tomb to thwart away any of Jesus’ followers, Mary nevertheless risked herself to visit the tomb at dawn of the third day to tend to Jesus’ body. Due to her undying loyalty to Jesus, she was blessed with being the first person to see the risen Christ. She was also privileged enough to be the person to share the good news to the apostles.

Like Mary Magdalene, we search for Jesus and seek for His blessing and healing. If we stay as loyal and faithful as Mary did despite of risks and uncertainties in life, we may experience the joy of Christ when He reveals Himself to us.

Are you like Mary, or does your faith in the Lord crumble the moment you experience signs of difficulty?



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