Reflections From The Bible And Life

Faith like Abraham’s

Genesis 17:3-9; Psalms 105:4-9; John 8:51-59 

The message that Jesus was trying to get across was hard to digest, for He was trying to show the Jews that He is a part of God in the form of His Son, and that He existed as early as God has existed, and is part of the Holy Trinity. He was only born of human flesh and appeared young, so that’s why they couldn’t understand how He could have met Abraham.The life that Jesus referred to is the life in God’s presence, which is our life after life. The Jews keep analyzing but still could not comprehend, for they were just humans with limited intellect given to us by God as He saw fit. May we are not made to analyze the logic behind God’s words and decisions, but just to believe in the goodness of His words and the promises that it brings.

Abraham, on the other hand, followed everything God told him to do to the detail, and God blessed him by making a covenant with him, making him father of all nations, and he was promised with descendants as countless as the stars. All Abraham needed to do was to keep the God’s covenant, which he did to his death. This came true, for we are his descendants.

As we continue our Lenten journey, let us pay close attention to God’s call for us and let us try to see what His call for us is all about. We are all invited to God’s covenant of love made from the body and blood of Christ. Let us be like Abraham, trusting in God so that we can fully enjoy His love, presence, and blessings as well.


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