Reflections From The Bible And Life

The Only Thing That Is Real

Hebrews 6:9-20; John 8:31-42


We listen to the news on TV and read newspapers. Everything we read and see shapes our minds and even out future. Have we, however, taken into consideration the fact that these news articles, videos and newsfeeds are all products of fellow human beings and are just opinions of human beings? A newspaper company and a newscasting company look for incidents that they might want to provide an expose on because that’s what sells. So what happens is whatever comes out from the media are always either extremely positive or negative, and mostly sensationalized. Other companies follow suit upon realizing the profitability of the situation.  The viewers and readers are the ones who get affected, and their outlook in life, attitude and everything is clouded by what they see and read. 


There had been so many sensationalized people who predicted this and that, but none of them were accurate. The only predictions that came true are the words coming from God through His prophets in the bible. Some of what is stated in Revelations are either already happening or have happened.  The words of the Lord remains true and unchanged no matter how much time has passed. The Old testament predicted the coming of Jesus the Messiah, and Revelations predicted the second coming of our Savior. Jesus says everything passes away but the Word of God remains because it is eternal. 


Human history raised up many truths and philosophies, some of which only confuses us. Dynasties and empires  rose and fell. The world is constantly changing and evolving. To know the truth, we need the discernment coming from God. We need a spiritual anchor that can withstand the test of time. 


“The Word of God instructs, refutes falsehood, corrects errors, and gives encouragement.”- 2 Timothy 4:2 

It also goes beyond the test of time. It should not only be listened to, but practiced and lived by faith, so we can gather fruits of love, faith, hope, and charity.  



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