Reflections From The Bible And Life

Questioning, Judging, and Doubting God is Useless

Wisdom 2:1-22; Psalms 34:17-23; John 7:1-30

We will never be able to analyze God’s ways and be able to come to a reasonable explanation of the logic behind His ways, for His ways are not the ways of the world, and our minds are limited to our own understanding of things. If we can’t even explain the reason behind some of the things that we do, how else can we explain His ways? It is only when we live in total faith and trust in God that we will be able to see the goodness of His ways. As we continue to follow His ways, we become blessed. God’s decisions are not for us to judge or analyze, but for us to accept, and His teachings are for us to live by, knowing that God loves us dearly like a father to a son, and something good will come out from them. If we stay humble, loving, and selfless, we will be blessed, if not in this life, in the life that is to come, which is eternal life. We can have a life of eternal happiness or eternal damnation. Which would we choose?

One thing is for sure: God will never allow things to happen to us if He thinks we can not handle them. We should learn to entrust all our worries to him and let Him guide us. Prayer and reading the bible helps. When we pray, we also allow a moment of silence to allow Him to reveal to us through our hearts what He wants to tells us.

We shouldn’t dwell on the bad things that happen to us, but instead, learn to appreciate the things that we are blessed with, and share these blessings with others as well. Let God take care of your worries, but continue to be good to yourself and others. Do not let your sufferings and trials consume you, for you will never be aware of His blessings even if they were right in front of you if you do.

Be happy always no matter what, and know that God is with you no matter what. He will never abandon you.

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