Reflections From The Bible And Life

We Are God’s Children

Isaiah 49:8-15; Psalms 145:8-17; John 5:17-30

Many children carry some of the qualities, characteristics, mentality and values of their parents. Usually these are traits that they have adopted from their parents, for they look up to their parents. When Jesus was on this earth, he was no different. He spoke of what God wanted to tell us and shared with us His wisdom and guided us accordingly. He came here to do God’s will. We, too are God’s children, by virtue of baptism. We pray the same prayer as Jesus has taught us (The Lord’s Prayer) with the same faith in God as Jesus has, knowing that the Father loves us just as He loves Jesus.

The Lord loves us unconditionally. At times, He may discipline us but it is only because He wants what’s best for us. Nothing that happens here on earth is insignificant to Him. Everything has a purpose, and every purpose brings out the goodness in us. God is not just present in out blessing but also in our sufferings. While we may not understand God’s ways, we should have the same kind of faith in God as Jesus has.

All of us are God’s children. If we say we love God, then we should also love the persons who are born of Him. 1 John 5 verse 1 says, ” Whoever loves the One who begot him, loves also the one who is born of Him.” Therefore, we should also love one another, even the people who hurt us, and the people who we hate or despise. God is all about LOVE.


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