Reflections From The Bible And Life

Forgive, and Do Not Judge Others

Daniel 9:4-10; Psalms 79:8-13; Luke 6:36-38

It is not enough to ask the Lord’s forgiveness and mercy after we have realized we’ve done something wrong. If we just do this, and never bother to look into ourselves deeply, we’ll end up begging for forgiveness for the rest of our lives. We should look deeply into our situation and try to dig in and see what caused you to sin. In most cases, it is usually caused by pride, too much self-love and lack of concern for the rest of the world, and self-pity. If your world is all about you, this is usually what happens.

When our world is devoid of God, we will always have that space of emptiness which we can never fill up no matter what. Some people try to fill it up by buying material things that temporarily makes them happy. As new things come out from the market, they suddenly have that urge to acquire the latest model/design to fill up that hole again. Greed controls you. You want to possess everything in this world. You want to have lots of money. Since you don’t worship any God, you are not bounded by any rules or guidelines. You would try to earn money in any fastest way possible, without considering how this would affect others, like thieves, carpanppers, holduppers, kidnappers, etc. Same thing with people who are godless and feel rejected and unloved. They either end up being rapists, or murderers.

We should also not judge wrongdoers lest we be judged as well. It’s easier said than done, especially when the persons who we’re trying to help are unworthy of our time and effort. Some people may be toxic. You give them a little help, the next thing they do is they ask for your arm, and your leg. But helping isn’t just about material help. We can help these toxic people by giving guidance, advices, or words of encouragement, whatever is appropriate. We can make them realize that how bleak their situation is, God has not abandoned them. Let us leave the judging to God, for it is not our job to judge others, nor ourselves. Our job is to do our best persons we can be, in light with His teachings and guidance. The Bible has all of His teachings. You should read it.

Lent is a time for repentance. We should also forgive others as well. Let’s be compassionate to others, the way He is to us.



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