Reflections From The Bible And Life

On Reaching Goals – Dreams and Resources

Do you have an ambition to be somebody in life, or a goal to pursue something important? I’m sure you have. Everyone does. We all have dreams. We all have our own goals in life. While we have our goals, we also have our ways and means of achieving our dreams, and these are our resources.

There are two ways of reaching our dreams. The first way is to adjust your dreams to match your resources. The second way is to adjust your resources to match your dreams. Which approach you use will depend on the root of your dream.

We have to first discern where our dreams are coming from. Our dreams may be a result of inspirations coming from God, and they may also come from so many other things as well. Such other factors are pride, hunger for love, insecurities, or simply things that we desire to have which may not really be that important, but are a pleasure to have. An example of such a goal would be the acquisition of an object in order to obtain temporary happiness, a patch on a hole which you will never fill up. Some others would be goals that are set up just to prove something to someone, goals that are set up because of pride and insecurities.

If your dream is a result of nothing more than just personal wants, or not falls short of a godly desire, adjust your dream to match your resources. However if your dream is God-inspired and has a godly purpose, then adjust your resources to match your dreams. Don’t cut short of your dream.

If you have an ambition of acquiring a Mercedes van for the purpose of having a means of transportation to get you from point a to point b, even if you are really in love with the van, if your budget is limited, maybe you can acquire a cheaper vehicle that would also give you the same benefit, like a Kia Picanto.

However if your goal is to acquire a Mercedes van because it’s the biggest in its class, and you have the desire to help transport as many orphans as you can and as many donations as you can from point a to point b, stick to your dream. Use whatever you can to leverage your way to achieve that dream. God will help you along the way. Do your part and believe in Him, and it shall be done.

If you have a goal that is born out of anger, grief, hatred, insecurity, greed and something similar, may you could consider checking out your goal before you even attempt to pursue it. Some of these goals are not worth pursuing.


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