Reflections From The Bible And Life

Anything Is Possible With The Lord With The Right Attitude

2 Kings 4

This chapter in the bible centers on Elisha and his great faith in God, as well as his purity of heart, and the positive effects of his faith and great love on the people that he helped. Elisha was considered a wise man and highly regarded as such. It would have been easy for him to be in a position of power and glory where everyone honors him, however Elisha preferred the honor of doing good in the schools of the prophets than being great in the courts of princes and kings. He saw a heavy responsibility to help out the prophets in their faith. Because of his great faith in God and his selfless and loving attitude, God gave him power to do miracles to help out those in need.

The first of the miracles was multiplying a prophet’s widow’s oil, to help her pay her debt to her debtor. Prophets didn’t make a lot of money, and they earn barely enough. The widow was left with the couple’s debt to the debtor. Elisha made her collect oil lamps and put oil in the oil lamps, until she couldn’t collect any more oil lamps. These oil were then sold. There was enough income for the widow to get by on her own even after paying off her debt.

The second of the miracles is the blessing of the Shunammite with a son at her old age. The woman despite her initial doubt in God’s power through Elisha, was blessed with a son.

The third of the miracle is Elisha was blessed with the power to raise the Shunammite’s son from the dead. The son probably died because of the woman’s lack of faith in God. Elisha even tried to show the woman that the power if from God as he asked her to take his staff and use it to wake up her son. But the woman declined and expressed her preference of having him go with her, for she believed that it was Elisha who possessed the power alone. This was an expression of lack of faith in God and the belief that she was never good enough for God to be blessed with such a miracle. People during those times believe that only holy people are blessed with such capacity by God.

The fourth miracle was cleaning the poisoned stew which was accidentally poisoned with wild gords. Elisha just added some meal into the pot and it became edible.

The fifth and final miracle on this chapter is the multiplication of loaves. They were able to feed a hundred men with 20 loves.

All throughout these incidents Elisha remained calm and confident that nothing will go wrong as long as he had God on his side, and he was very confident with God. He had very pure intentions and he knew that God saw his actions as favorable, for Elisha was not after fame and glory, but was filled with compassion.

So what do we learn from reading this chapter? It all boils down to having faith in the Lord. No matter how down and out we are, we should pray to Him and believe that He will help us. Believe me, if you do, you will be blessed beyond your expectations. Never doubt in the Lord and His capacity. Nothing is impossible with the Lord, as long as what coming out of your heart is pure selfless love to God and others, and therefore favorable to the Lord.

Another important lesson is humility, and never judge anybody. The Lord can use anybody in or out of your life to get messages across to you. Always keep an open mind and never be closed-minded to what people tell you. If it’s coming from the Lord, God will give you a sign, for God’s messages speaks through the heart. You will feel it if it’s from Him. If we are close-minded, we will miss out on His messages and signs. God can use even a beggar to get through to you.


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