Reflections From The Bible And Life

Turn The Other Cheek

From the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus found on Matthew 5: 38-41, we would recall that Jesus mentioned, “If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.” During those times, there are different types of slapping. The first is slapping someone using your forehand. That type of slapping is between equals. This usually lands on your left cheek as the right hand is used. The other type is slapping is slapping using the back of the right hand. This one lands on the left cheek. This is a condescending type of slap and denotes that the one slapping is the master and the one being slapped is a servant of some sort. It was an embarrassing type of slap. When you turn the other cheek, it makes it hard for the person to slap you using the right hand. People during those days didn’t do things with the left hand because it symbolized sinfulness and shadiness. So what was Jesus trying to say? Jesus wasn’t asking us to be gullible nor to be martyrs, but be concerned about the person and try to help him. He was saying if situations like that arise, protect yourself, but still have compassion for the person. Go the extra mile of helping that person solve whatever is causing him to behave like that.

Try to look deeper into the person. A person who’s showing negative vibes usually is a mentally disturbed person. It could be from his lack of love from childhood to present, a scarred relationship in the past, or something like that. Try to understand the person but do protect yourself. Instead of exchanging heated words with him, try to talk sense into him without being condescending. Tell him what hurts you when he does things like that. Be gentle, and feel him out. He will eventually mellow down and listen to you. If you exchange anger with him, no matter what, he will never listen to you, for his defenses are up and it’s quite solid that you’ll never get into his heart. Pray for this person too.

This is how you love your enemies.



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