Reflections From The Bible And Life

Having A Relationship With God

Luke 17:20-25

We ask quick to ask God for help, but once we are blessed and our prayers are answered, we instantly forget to thank Him, and leave Him out of our lives. We go on our merry way doing our own thing once again as if nothing happened. God becomes a mere god of convenience where relief is provided by him at times of need, and nothing more.

What Jesus wants us to to have is a sense of gratitude towards our Lord, recognizing Him behind all the good things that you have been blessed with, and acknowledge His presence in the midst of you struggles. He wants you to know that He is just there beside you in every struggle that you have. He wants us to recognize His presence, and wants to be part of your life, instead of just being used for convenience and relief.

Have you ever felt hurt when you give everything you got just to help someone or love someone, and that someone just takes you for granted? Well, its the same thing with the Lord. He wants us to reciprocate.

From the beautiful sunrise that brightens up your day, to a loving kiss by your wife, to a heart-warming hug by your child everytime you come home from a tiring day of work, God has a hand in it. He blessed you with everything that you have.

Ever since the biblical times, people have been confusedly seeking the kingdom of God without understanding what the kingdom of God is all about. It’s all about love and faith in Him. The commandments are all about love. According to Jesus, the kingdom of God lives within us through our hearts. If we are filed with love and His grace, we will be able to see God in extraordinary events, in moments of joy with our loved ones, in sparks of enlightenment, and the forgiving gesture of pained relationships. He makes His presence felt through our hearts and our faith in Him.

We should ask the Lord for the grace to be sensitive to his presence in and around us. The kingdom of God is within us, if only we see with the eyes of faith.


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