Reflections From The Bible And Life


Are We Living The Life That The Lord Wants Us To Live?

Isaiah 53:10-11; Hebrews 4:14-16; Mark 10:42-45

The bible encourages us to love one another and to lead others to God by example. Christianity is missionary in nature. The church exists to evangelize. We are the Church. We are symbols of Jesus Christ in this world.

However, in the present time, many believers have been sacramentalized but not catechized.We are baptized, but not formed in the teaching of Jesus and His Church. We are like parasites, eagerly receiving the sacraments, but hesitant to share it with others. We read God’s Word but we don’t proclaim nor share it with others. Not even in our actions do we reflect God’s goodness to others.
We seek the sacraments only for our own benefit.

We have this tendency to look after ourselves alone and not be mindful of others. Jesus speaks about selfless love in Mark 10. He generalizes about the rulers who tend to be tyrants and dictators. Many of these modern day rulers like the world leaders, public officials, and other people in high positions, tend to be corrupt and have selfish motives and hidden agendas. Jesus says that in God’s kingdom, those who are selfless and serve others are the ones given reverence, and not those people who give themselves more importance than the others.


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