Reflections From The Bible And Life

What Should We Value and Fear Most?

Ephesians 1:11-14; Luke 12: 1-7

In today’s readings we are called to value the more important things in life, and to beware of things that might hinder us from focusing on these important things.

In Luke 12:1-7, Jesus mentioned the word “yeast” in His statements. We all know that a little yeast is enough to make a whole batch of dough rise. Just a little of it affects everything. To understand what Jesus means you could translate ‘yeast’ as ‘attitude’ Just a little of the attitude of those people affects everything, corrupts everything. In the New Testament world, yeast was often used as a symbol for corruption. Jesus cites two different indeed opposite religious attitudes and says that both of them, even in a small dose can effectively corrupt one’s whole Christian life.

There are many things that pose as hindrances to us. For instance our relationships with our boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends, wives, etc. We should always make sure that in any decision-making we do, we do it out of selfless love. In worshiping and doing great things to help others, make sure that there are no hidden intentions other than glorifying the Lord and sharing His love to others. Pride, arrogance, and the hunger self-glorification, recognition, fame, power, material wealth, and greed, are all modern-day yeasts that we have to watch out for, People may seem good at first, but it’s what’s hidden behind these good acts that matter most. In the end, God is going to unravel all these secrets and everything will be made known. It’s better not to have these secrets hidden inside of you and to find yourself clean inside out.

We are taught not to fear the wrong things in life but to fear the loss of opportunity to be blessed eternal life and the risk of eternal damnation. People may kill us, but what can they do after they kills us? The Lord may bless us with eternal life or send us to eternal damnation. That’s what we should focus more on.

In Ephesians 1:1-11, we have inherited the gift of the Holy Spirit from Jesus. Those who hope in the Lord and wait for His glorious coming are true Christians. As they have been stamped with the seal of the Holy Spirit, they feel a sense of freedom that others do not have: that of being sons and daughters of God and of having experienced God the Father, which gives them great joy and peace.

We are very important to God, and not even strand of your hair will be unaccounted for by God, even when we may seem cheap to criminals. When we follow wherever the Holy Spirit guides us, we are blessed with inner peace, no matter what situation we’re in. Whether in sickness or in times of peril, we are at peace knowing that God will not forsake us in the very end. As long as we remain faithful, we’ve got nothing to fear nor to concerned about.



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