Reflections From The Bible And Life


Sex is the most controversial word in the whole world. It is actually the best thing that God has given us, for we are united as one in such act. A new life is born as a result of this wonderful union. This is the reason God gave us this natural desire for it. However, man worshipped this desire so much that sex is now a goal rather as a means to express union in love. Man has turned it into a sinful and meaningless act of pleasure, almost like animals that we see outside, that does sex out in the open on demand anytime. 

We have to understand that we are made differently from animals in such a way that we can control our urges and desires, unlike animals. We are all made with a higher level of intellect than animals, so we shouldn’t behave like zoo animals.


Sex is not wrong. God made it!  He made it to be enjoyed in His design-not in any human aberration of that design. We shouldn’t engage in sex just for the sake of enjoying the pleasures of the flesh and with random partners. It is meant for us to do it with our partners in marriage, for the sake of expressing one’s love and creating new life through a sexual bond of unity.

 Sex is not to be mistaken as love. Love is a necessity that we all need. Without love we will never have a happy life, and we will never get the chance to see what God is all about, for God is all about love. With sex, however, sex is a desire planted in us by God, for good purposes. . People are confused with sex and love. While a lot of guys do the famous line on girls, “if you love me, then prove it to me” just so that they could get in their pants, many girls are after love, so they give in to their boyfriends wishes just so that they can get their share of love. But when guys dump them after having their share of fun with them, the girls feel used. Both parties are confused. One’s upbringing and experience of love in his childhood years play a vital role in his understanding of love. Some guys think that when girls say yes to them and engage with them in sex, they equate it to love as well. Love goes much deeper than sex.

 As with other desires, our desire for sex can be controlled. Sexual desires are subject to various influences on the brain and nervous system, which controls the sex glands and genitals. We can control our desires, just like the way we control our urges to pig out on good food, or buying the latest Gucci bag. If we can control these urges, we can control our sexual urges too. It is only in marriage where we are committed to our lifetime partner that by all means we can take full advantage of these urges. If we have God in our hearts, beyond these urges between the opposite sex, we should be able to tell when we should stop and when we should continue on with these urges. 


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