Reflections From The Bible And Life

Let The Pure Of Heart Be Our Judge

1 Corinthians 6:1-11; Luke 6:12-19

The bible teaches us that justice is best served by the one above. We often seek justice when we have been wronged by people who take advantage of us. We seek the help of the courts in the legal system. The question is, who runs the court that you choose? Isn’t is run by humans who may be as imperfect as you or the person who offended you? The bible teaches us to lift up our concerns to the Lord, and let Him take care of any injustice that may have occurred. There can be on other perfect being to serve justice than our Lord who is all good and perfect.

Instead of worrying about teaching the other person a lesson by seeking an extra muscle out of the judicial courts, surrender your hurts to the Lord and seek His help and guidance. Forgive your transgressors, and be humble. It is better to be offended than to offend somebody. What good will you be if you end up doing the same thing to your offender? Will you be able to spread God’s love and bring out the best in your offender by retaliating? It will only produce more confusion to the other person. He might even turn out with a more twisted perception of reality and learn to hate God even more.

Even Jesus, with no clue as to how to select his 12 apostles, had to pray to the Lord for help and guidance. If you notice, when Jesus and the saints were suffering, they never seek help by humans, but always prayed to God for guidance and help. God’s choices for apostles were not exactly the choices humans would exactly select, if ever humans were to choose the twelve of them. God chose the weakest ones. Nevertheless they turned out to be our forefathers in Christianity, with the exception of Judas, who chose to be unfaithful, despite given a great chance to be somebody. They did great things through the help of the Holy Spirit. It goes to show that we shouldn’t judge others for we don’t know what goodness they have hidden inside of them, and what they just need to know, and how to connect with them in a true sense. Only the Lord knows them. Plus we ourselves are not perfect. With Jesus and the saints, it is through their prayers and faith in the Lord that they found inner peace amidst all the sufferings that they encountered.

If we keep seeking the things of this world and only look out for ourselves and not be concerned of others, we may never find this inner peace, and we will only end up just like the way Judas did. His life is set as an example of how weak we can be if we don’t submit our lives to the Lord.

God has called us. We have the option to be faithful or unfaithful. If we choose to be selfish, unloving and unfaithful, in the end, we ourselves end up losing, for we will be judged according to how we lived our life.


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