Reflections From The Bible And Life

Only God Can Judge Us Accurately

1 Corinthians 4:1-5; Luke 5:33-39

Today’s readings warns us about judging one another, and reminds us that we have no right to judge other people. It is the Lord who judges us, and until the time has come, we must never judge one another. The bible says the people who do not judge or accuse people of anything will “receive commendation from God” when their time comes.

In Luke 5:33-39, the gospel centers on the Pharisees’ complaint about the apostles’ non-compliance with the Jewish traditions as practiced by John the baptist and the Pharisees before Jesus came, particularly on fasting. Apparently, the Pharisees didn’t understand the reason behind the fasting, and don’t understand that as long as Jesus as with them, there was no need for fasting. The Pharisees were so used to doing the usual things that they do, that they were never open to new ideas.

Jesus and His teachings, being new to the people of His time, were easily rejected by the Pharisees. In response, Jesus told them the parable of the wineskins to show the truth of the matter.

Wine in those days were stored in pouches made of animal skin, which could become dry with age and worn with use. New wine continues to ferment, so it builds up pressure in its container. If new wine were poured into old wineskins, the pressure would burst the wineskin and both the wineskin and wine would be lost.

Likewise, we can’t mix new ideas using old ways of doing things or vise versa. Something is wrong is bound to happen. Although we have the natural tendency to feel more comfortable and secure with the old, familiar ways of doing things, sometimes we need to transform to be able to move on with our life. Jesus never gave any importance to such sort of security, but gave more importance to the will of God for Him. We, too should do, likewise.

In addition to this, this is also the reason why we shouldn’t judge others. Our minds are so limited that we fail to see everything the way we should. We may only judge others if we are as perfect as God. But then again, who is?


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