Reflections From The Bible And Life

Do Not Be Caught Unprepared

1 Corinthians:1-9; Matthew 24: 42-51

Happy are we who live our lives based on what the Lord teaches us, for we will be blessed. The scripture reading in Matthew 24:42-51 tells us to stay prepared always for the coming of our Lord, for we will never know when this day will be. We are God’s servants, and God is our master. With the life leased to us by our Lord, we are expected to do good things that will produce good harvests here on earth, such as bringing others closer to Him by virtue of our actions, thoughts, gestures and words. We should always reflect Him to others. Knowing that we don’t own our life and our body, we should take good care of them. We shouldn’t waste our time indulging in sinful pleasures that produces nothing but sin. We should instead spend time doing more productive things like helping others, and working hard so we can provide for others. If we are blessed in abundance, we should share these blessings with those who are in need first before our own needs, instead of squandering these blessings over senseless things for selfish reasons first, like having drinking sessions with buddies, parties, buying expensive cars, having extra-marital affairs, etc.

We have a tendency to think that we own our lives and can do anything as we please for the Lord gave us freewill. We tend to think of ourselves first, and what left is given to others. This is the wrong attitude. We can live simple lives while helping others abundantly. Matthew 24:42-51 states that the time will come when the master will arrive and he will dismiss the irresponsible servant, and will deal with him as he does with the hypocrites. The ones who are unprepared will be “thrown into a place of suffering and hatred, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” I guess you know where this place is.

Are we providing for our own needs or providing for the needs of others?

Let us always be prepared and be selfless and loving to others.


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