Reflections From The Bible And Life

Rich, But Poor in Spirit!

Ezekiel 28:1-10; Matthew 19:23-30

The scriptures reveal that man has the natural tendency to be proud of himself when he feels that all his needs are met and he has excess of everything. Man tend to be less prayerful when he meets success, and only prays when he is in dire need or is desperate and feels helpless. Some proud people resort to suicide, due to shame. God is merely reduced to a god of convenience.

Seldom do many take time to thank the Lord for the blessings that they receive. Instead they attribute their success to their efforts alone, not thinking that without the Lord’s blessings and guidance, their efforts will prove to be futile and useless. God’s role in their lives becomes minor if not reduced to non-existent, once they are blessed.

What the Lord wants us to remain humble no matter how successful we are materially. We should know that these as blessings are from the Lord, and we shouldn’t be selfish with what we are blessed with. Instead, we should share our blessings with others, so that others may be blessed too.

Don’t get confused by thinking that we should be poor in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. We can be rich materially, but poor in spirit, with a humble, contrite, and generous heart. We may even ask for material things, as long as our intentions are selfless, such as asking to be blessed so that you may bless more people, such us providing jobs to many hungry people. As long as your intention is not self-serving, God will always be on your side.

We should also learn to thank the Lord for bailing us out in times of trouble, as well as providing us things that we don’t even ask for. Recognizing God and knowing that He has a say in everything you experience and do places God in the center of your heart.

Only when we are God-centered can we be honestly be humble and deserving of God’s love.

O Lord, teach my heart where and how to seek you.
Guide me so that I may see your goodness in everything that happens.
Let me seek You in my desire, and let me desire you in my seeking.
Teach me how to find you.


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