Reflections From The Bible And Life

What’s Next After The Holy Eucharist?


What do we do after we receive the Holy Eucharist? Does it all end there? Jesus said that with the bread that He offers, nobody will ever be hungry again and will live forever. With the grace that we receive from Him, what do we do? As Christians, we should also offer the same kind of love to others. As Jesus selflessly gave Himself up for us, we too, should share this love with others. After all, if we are to eat and drink it, then we are supposed to be filled with it.

As I volunteer my services to different foundations, especially with fostered street children and orphans, I experience a different kind of hunger from these kids. Even if they are already well-fed, they still hunger for love and attention, and they tend to be clingy to us volunteers. This is the bread that we should share with others. When one’s love tank is full, he becomes full of love, and the person is able to be the person God wants him to be, and he can do more things than a troubled person who seems to feel unloved.

Jesus taught us not to just be used to receiving but also give, otherwise we will end up useless like the Dead Sea, void of life, even marine life, due to excessive saltiness, with nowhere for the water to flow to.

Jesus has shown us how He lived His life. As His followers, we should also follow His ways.The whole point of the Eucharist is so that we would have the font of energy to live in freedom, to love as Christ loves, purely and selflessly.

Have we shared the benefits that we got from the Holy Eucharist with others, or are we like the Dead Sea?



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