Reflections From The Bible And Life

A Heart Of Purity and Having Childlike Faith And Ways Are The Secret to God’s Heart

Ezekiel 18:10-32; Matthew 19:13-15

The Lord tells us that by our ways we will be judged by Him. God will not deny us everlasting life if we turn to Him and live life according to His ways, even if you have sinned in the past and have turned to the Lord, only recently. However, the Lord is critical with people who have been blessed in knowing Him and have turned to Him, and yet, eventually have decided to have a sinful life out of selfish and sinful and earthly desires, for they have freely chosen the evil one over Him. God finds no pleasure in denying things to us, and would prefer to give everything to us, and that’s why He calls us to turn to Him, and live our life according to His ways.

We must have Jesus in our hearts and be filled with the Holy Spirit, so that we may be guided accordingly. If we allow ourselves to be led by God, everything else will follow. God loves children, as you can see from Matthew 19:13-15. The reason God loves children is because of their innocence, simplicity, and submissiveness. They will listen to anything you tell them. Jesus mentioned that the Lord’s kingdom belongs to little children, although not literally mentioned. God wants us to be like them.

A good example of this is Mother Teresa, who was born of wealthy parents. With a pure heart, she deliberately chose a vow of poverty and founded Missionaries of Charity. Her simplicity gave her no distractions at all from focusing her energies on dedicating herself to the service of others. She had the desire to be something beautiful to God, and I’d honestly say she did an excellent job.

Just like Mother Teresa to all the beneficiaries of her foundation, God wants us to be responsible for one another too. Although we won’t be liable for the actions of another person, our lack of concern, involvement, or misguiding the children is like turning people away from God, and that’s not good. We should instead help out in any way we can, and guide our children and the people who may be lost. Whether with our children or with these lost souls, guide them so that they may be what God wants them to be, rather than what we want them to be. A lot of us tend to manipulate people into doing things favorable to us without necessarily looking at their welfare. You decide for your self who you want to be.


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