Reflections From The Bible And Life

Christianity Reflects Your Faith In Jesus Christ

Jeremiah 13:1-11; Matthew 13:31-35

There are two parables mentioned here that was told by Jesus to his followers. They are the Parable of The Mustard Seed and The Parable Of The Yeast. Both these parables describe what the Kingdom of Heaven will be like in our lives.

The first parable speaks of how small insignificant things can eventually grow into the most important thing in our life, or at least become very significant in our life, as well as the lives of others.

We should never think small of ourselves. No matter what small we think of our Christianly gestures, if we constantly be Christians to others, eventually all your efforts will bear good fruits in the lives of others, as well as to yourself in the form of inner healing and peace.

The second parable speaks of how something great is developed with an ordinary ingredient is mixed along with other ordinary ingredients.

Christianity is the yeast that has a leavening as it permeates the whole culture, causing it to rise. Leavened bread was considered the staff of life, the symbol of God’s sustaining hand. What the symbols mean is Christianity makes life a joy for godly people. It provides people with the very best.

What Jesus is trying to tell us is the presence of true faith in Jesus Christ should be quite noticeable, through our speech, actions, thoughts, and in the values that we live by. One can tell within minutes if a person is a true Christian or not through everything that he does and says. Our faith shouldn’t be hidden from those around us.

Faith in Jesus Christ would permeate the entire life of a person, just like yeast to dough. Just like the yeast we should also fill whatever we can fill. Christianity is like that. No part of our lives can be separated from faith. Faith tells us how to live in every situation. It should touch all aspects of our lives and mold all attitudes.


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