Reflections From The Bible And Life

Receive Graces Of The Lord Through Humility

Isaiah 26:7-19; Matthew 11:28-30

The reading from Isaiah shows us that the ways of the Lord are righteous and good. He has power over everything, including death. From Matthew 11:28-30, we can see that God always has His arms open wide for us, ready to help us, but it seems that the less trials we face, the more tendency we have of becoming proud, and we push Him aside. We tend to take credit for what God has blessed us with. We tend to forget that God is behind everything that we have.

The ones that pray more are mostly people undergoing so difficult trials. For most of us, though, once we are OK, we tend to stop praying to the Lord and even give thanks. God becomes a god of convenience and a mere provider. It is usually in our deepest problems that we encounter a real transformation and deeper understanding of God. This transformation doesn’t last though if we don’t accept Him with all humility. This is why Jesus tended to preach more to knew less but willing to accept Him, like His apostle, who were simple people, like fishermen, farmers, and collectors, unlike the Pharisees, who thought they knew it all. The only exception was St. Paul, who was a Pharisee who got converted due to his humility. St. Paul accepted Jesus and changed his way of life. If we look at ourselves, learned and capable of doing many things, would we have the humility of St. Paul as well?

Jesus prayed to the Father, “I praise you because you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned and revealed them to simple people.” We can be “simple people” by being detached from our material possessions and the things of this world, be more sensitive to the needs of others, and be open to wisdom coming from others, and staying humble. God sends His answers through situations around us, as well as through the many people that we interact with. If we stay proud, we might miss the chance of receiving His wisdom and guidance, and any blessing that we could benefit from spiritually.


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