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A New Building To House Street Children: Help Is Wanted!

Help us spread the Word to our brothers and sisters in the slum areas in the Philippines, and help us spread God’s love to help the unfortunate ones! Your donations can help provide for the less unfortunate families, and instill religious values in them! Share the love of Jesus to others by sharing your blessings!!!

He Cares Foundation is aiming at building a facility to house street children and foster them. Your generous donations could make a real difference in these children’s lives!

You may donate through PayPal

You may also donate through bank deposit to any Bank Of The Philippine Islands (BPI).
Account details:
Account name: He Cares Foundation.
Account type, Savings.
Account number: 1953-0930-53.

He Cares Foundation is located at #9 Mines St., Vasra, Project 6 Quezon City. Their telephone numbers are: (63)(2) 346-58-51, (63)(2) 928-89-10, and +63922-853-5851. You may email them at Their website is They have a Facebook page as well:

Watch the video below:

Video of street children


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