Reflections From The Bible And Life

Yesterday’s Experience Of A Lifetime

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being a storyteller/preacher to a bunch of farmers’ kids in Villasis, Pangasinan. I was requested by a friend, Weng Otanes, to give a talk, and I happily obliged. The story that I gave was about “Joseph, The Dreamer”, taken from Genesis 37-43, as requested by my sister. It turned out to be a beautiful story which they could all relate to and learn from, as well.

As I told the story, the kids would lose focus on me and start chatting with each other, just like any other kid their age. I expected that since I’m still inexperienced with storytelling. However, even as they did that, they would shift back their attention to me and listen attentively with eyes wide open. I thought I did a bad job, but in the end, after the storytelling, we gave these kids a little question and answer portion, just to see if they were listening. To my surprise, majority were able to answer all the questions with ease! They were indeed listening! It was quite rewarding to see that the fruits of my labor paid off.

The lesson that I imparted to them is: No matter where you are in your life, whether you are in a happy state, or are undergoing trials and feel hopeless and depressed, know that God is always there for you. He will never abandon you, and will always stick with you through good and hard times. All you have to do is believe in Him, and stay faithful to Him. As long as you continue to do what’s right and never do any shortcuts in life, God will always be with you, and will bless you abundantly.

I was surprised by the kids with their recitations of their own bible verse for the week. Apparently, my friend teaches them to read the bible and understand and pick bible verses that they enjoy reading!

I’m thankful for my friend for giving me that opportunity to take part in God’s work and experience the joy of sharing God’s love to others, as well as spending my weekend productively.

For those who would like to support my friend, Weng, in her work with the less fortunate’s kids, she is supporting kids in 2 locations: one is Villasis, Pangasinan, and the other is in Barangay Poblacion Oeste, Dagupan City, where she is involved with all the barangay’s poor children, totalling 100+ children. She helps provide for their educational needs, and spiritual needs. If you’re interested in supporting my friend in her cause or may have any questions regarding her work, you may get in touch with Miss Rowena Otanes at 0923-7396066.


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