Reflections From The Bible And Life

Playing Doubles

Today’s Sunday session at The Feast is an interesting topic about allowing God to help you in everything that you do in your life, especially the hard ones.

Bo Sanchez gives an example of how he played badminton as an amateur. He had this trainer friend who was his partner and they played doubles against a couple of badminton pros. His friend just asked him to stay in front and just do his best in blocking all the shots that come his way, and he promised that he will take care of the rest. They won in the first and third game, even with him not exerting much effort. They lost in the second game because Bo made lots of mistakes, and was probably a bit overconfident or still inexperienced after they won the first game. On the third game, he went back to doing his best, and they beat the opponents.

The point here is if you have a champion partner, even if you failed countless times, as long as you do your best, no matter how bad you are, your team will always succeed. Always give your best shot, and let your experienced partner do the rest for you.

In our spiritual life, God is our “champion partner” who’s willing to take care of the hard stuff for us. What you just need to do is do the best within your capacity to do what is right. God will take care of the rest. As with any partnership, there should be a level of trust for the partnership to work best. Teamwork is required as well. One cannot just relax and expect God to do the rest, nor do everything that one can possibly do plus even more, due to impatience and lack of trust in God’s perfect ways. We should allow God to do His part, while we do our part as well. We must not take things into our own hands and not let God do anything.

We may end up having failures such as Bo’s second badminton game, but we shouldn’t give up. We should, instead, learn from our failures and work wiser and harder next time. Failure is temporary, but victory is permanent, for God cannot fail you. He is all-knowing and all-good. Everything that comes from Him is perfect. You need nothing to worry about, with God on your side.

As with any sport, practice makes perfect. If you practice doing your best everyday, as well as practice letting God do His part, you will definitely get better as each day passes by.

Let God be you partner in life. Do your best, and let God do the rest!


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