Reflections From The Bible And Life

Eat His Flesh and Drink His Blood

Acts 9:1-20; John 6:52-59

Today’s readings remind me of how Jesus woke up guided Saul, the Christian persecutor, from the wrong path and converted him. He was filled with the Holy Spirit, and became Paul, one of the persons responsible for spreading Christianity to the world. Had God not make him blind and realize his wrongdoings, he wouldn’t have become Paul, the person responsible for the great holy mission from God.

How many times have we persecuted others? Have we been unkind selfish and immoral to ourselves and others? Have we prayed for things that we wished for but never got them answered? Perhaps we should look deep into what we really desire for. There will be times when we will experience a low point in life, where everything seems hopeless and you have nowhere to turn to. Maybe the reason why we are being blessed with what we pray for and led to where we are now is because the things that we pray for, and the things that we do, may be harmful to us, and the Lord just wants us to focus our attention to Him and what He may want us to learn. It is in these situations where we experience God closest.

Jesus tells us to eat His flesh and drink His blood. It is through this that we experience a new life with our Lord. What does this mean? It doesn’t mean receiving the holy communion and drinking the holy wine alone. These are just mere symbols of the real thing. What Jesus meant was for us to desire for is a new spirit within us that fills us with love for others, a strong faith in God’s providence, discernment of good and evil spirits, and zeal to announce the Good News. With it, we will be able to live our lives like the way Jesus did. The Holy Spirit can help us, if we let God into our hearts and our lives, just as with Paul and the many others who were converted. With the grace of God, we will be able love ourselves and others the way we should, and we would be at peace no matter what storm in life we may encounter.



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