Reflections From The Bible And Life

Look Beyond

Luke 24:13-35; Acts 3:1-10


During the time of Jesus after His death, on this Wednesday in the octave of Easter, Jesus appeared in Emmaus to two travelers who were busy discussing about Jesus, that they didn’t even realize that they were actually talking to Him. and He was even teaching them the correction to their mistakes.  They invited Jesus into their home upon reaching their final destination and seeing that Jesus still had a long way to go and it was sundown. It was after Jesus blessed their bread and broke it that they realized who He was. He quickly disappeared after they realized this.

These two were actually disciples of Jesus, and with all the miracles that Jesus performed during His life, they were not able to see past His shameful death, and were worried that being Jesus’ followers, they might be executed too. Jesus actually surprised them by walking with them and correcting the errors in their thoughts and even let them know that He was with them even at mealtime.

In a similar fashion, we may be too focused on our own needs and concerns as well, that we may be unaware of God’s presence all around us as we breathe the air. It is always wise to focus in God and the possibility of what He may be wanting you to know rather than focus on what you want to know, or what you want to do. In addition to this, Always know that Jesus will always be with you no matter what you experience, whether good or bad. Always have a positive outlook in life. If you do, you’ll be able to see the many miracles that happen within your trials, big and small. You’ll realized that you are not alone. If you keep a pessimistic or worried eye on yourself, you’ll end up like these travelers and will only realize God’s presence when it’s almost too late, if you’re lucky. Everything good comes from God.

So in everything that you do, always consider what the Lord would do in that every situation, rather than what you feel like doing. For what your heart contains may not always be what God wants, but is rather what you personally want or desire for. Know what the Lord wants and the extent of what He has done to help you, as well as out of love for you, and you should be fine.


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