Reflections From The Bible And Life

Fear Is The Core Problem To Our Negative Actions

Fear is the core problem of all human beings. People do a lot of things to cope up with fear. For people who are addicted to alcoholic beverages, it is the fear of accepting the truth about himself. For people who are bad tempered, it is a way of gaining their self-control over situations beyond their control. He’d rather suffer the pain of conflicts than the pain of uncertainty and self-loss. There are reasons why people do such things.

There are so many things that we fear about:
-Fear of uncertainty
-Fear of being rejected
-Fear of loneliness
-Fear of pain

For people who experience this, they have different ways of quelling with their fear. As long as their methods are effective in serving their purpose, people are not going to change.

So how do we change to be better persons? We have to learn to dispel our ultimate fears with a new pattern. It is a new habit of loving ourselves, accepting ourselves, and valuing ourselves. When we have no more fear, or all we have is little fear, the old habits slowly go away. That’s because there’s no more use for them.

Many people are confused with how God appeared to be in the Old Testament, being quite different from what Jesus appeared to be in the New Testament. If we recall vividly, it was God who sent His only Son to us, and allowed Him to suffer under our hands, so that we may be saved. That is how much God loves us. There actually has no difference between the Old Testament God and the present God. He is and forever will be, a loving God. He may have ways of catching our attention that might puzzle us beyond our reasoning, but His ways are different from ours, and His ways always result in everything good, unlike our ways.

So if God can love us unconditionally and has sent His only Son to dwell among the worst of us and be with us, don’t you think you should love yourself that way too? Do not fear for something that you shouldn’t fear about. As long as God is with you, everything will turn out fine.

Learn to love and accept yourself and do not brand yourself as anything. For parents, please refrain from constantly branding your child as such, because it will leave a deep scar on your kids. Always look at the positive side of your kids rather than the negative side. Look deep into your child’s hearts to see their goodness, and appreciate them for that.

Learn to love yourself, and you will be overflowing with God’s love that the love you feel will be overflowing through your interaction with others.

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