Reflections From The Bible And Life


Luke 11:29-32

Historically, we have always leaned heavily on accepted ways of thinking based on the past, instead of exploring new options, and as always, we ask for signs or affirmations of all sort before we are fully convinced on taking on a new path. During Moses‘ time, Moses was made to produce a miracle by the Israelites, in order for them to believe that he was really taking instructions from God. However, in Jesus time, He was not accepted because the people had been accustomed to the Law of Moses. Jesus, too, had to prove Himself through His resurrection that God existed and that He was really the Son of God. We have this human nature to want signs from heaven to guide our daily living, and reassure us that what we are doing is the right thing. For many, an answered prayer is a sign.

Jesus Himself told the Jews that the only sign that the unbelievers will get is the sign from Jonah. If you recall Jonah’s story, he was tasked to warn the people of great but terrible things to come if they did not repent and change their ways,  the things that he was asked to mention would come to pass. He was the bearer of bad news.

After all the signs have been revealed to us, do we continue asking for signs? The only sign you will need is Jesus. He is the ultimate sign. Let us not allow our stubbornness to diminish our faith in God, nor let unfulfilled prayers affect our faith as well. Asking for signs shows our lack of faith, complacency,  and unwillingness to change.

God answers our prayers in His time, and His time is not of ours.  If we stay faithful to Him, then we won’t even be asking for any sign from Him. He reveals Himself to those who follow Him.


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