Reflections From The Bible And Life

The Good Harvest

2 Samuel 11:1-17; Psalm 51:3-11; Mark 4:26-34

As pure as David once was when he defeated Goliath in total obedience and faith to God, he was also prone to temptations and sin. He committed adultery and murder out of lust and greed. Just like David, we too, are prone to temptations and sin. In the context of the parable of the mustard seed, if we don’t take care of our seeds, the weeds will grow faster than the plant itself and eventually kill the plants and taking over the soil. That leaves you with a bad harvest. The mustard seed is symbolical to our faith. At first we may have little faith, but as we nurture it, it grows into a solid foundation over time. In time it becomes bigger and stronger than anything. The weeds symbolize evil. If we don’t nurture our faith and live life haphazardly, and if we’re not careful, we’ll end up sinning. No matter how we try to change, if we nurture what is impure and not of God’s will, we will always fall back and sin. It’s like transplanting a plant in a field filled with weeds. Even when you have rid the fields of weeds, wherever you transplant the plant, weeds will still grow in the field because the roots have not been cut off yet. We have to check ourselves and discern if what we want is of good nature or not. If not, then we should forego our plans and reflect on ourselves.

Sin enters our life in subtle ways. It usually comes unnoticed and stealthily, if we’re not too careful. We should always check on ourselves, our actions, our desires, our thoughts, and our words. Make sure that we do everything out of love and nothing else. If they are from something else, then it’s most likely coming from the evil one. Be wary of this.

Aside from this, we also have to have patience, as there’s a time to plant and a time to reap. We may feel that we have given our all such as in our jobs, and yet, we end up with meager remuneration. Be patient for the time to reap your harvest has not yet come. In God’s time it will come, and when it does, you will definitely be blessed with much more than what you toiled for.

Total trust, humility, obedience, and loyalty to God will get you there.

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