Reflections From The Bible And Life

Clean Conscience Matters Most

2 Timothy 1:1-10; Titus 1:1-5; Psalm 96:1-10; Luke 10:1-9; Mark 4:21-2

The bible teaches us to be bold and be living testimonies of Christ to others. This can be achieved only when one’s heart is purely of God. It is when one is able to worship the Lord with a clear conscience. When we are in such state, the Lord blesses us abundantly.

Jesus taught us to spread the Good News to all those who want to hear, and even to those who need it but who we aren’t sure would want to hear it. The point is we should at least make an effort to shed His light, and if they don’t listen, then it’s not our fault anymore. At least our conscience is clear.

The Lord doesn’t want us to be indifferent with one another and just focus on our own welfare. God is calling us to be selfless, loving and concerned with one another. He wants us to spread His love to others.

Most of the time, doing what is right may not be the most popular choice, but if we are to have a clean conscience, we have to do what is right all our life. Righteousness is usually the road less traveled, so if you are a real Christian, you have to be well prepared for this.

If I were to ask you, “What is the most important thing in your life?”, what would you say? Perhaps financial stability, independence, happiness etc would be mentioned, but the most important thing would be for us to have a clean conscience no matter what. This will be the thing that matter most when we pass away, not the legacy, inheritance, family etc. that you will leaving behind. God will not give you scores on how well-off you became, or how successful and famous you became. He will score you based on what goodness you have done, how you did them and why you did them, as well as how you behaved all your life.


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