Reflections From The Bible And Life

Overhaul: Practice

Overhaul series of talks now is on Phase 3, and the topic is “Practice”. If we recall the fist two steps of overhauling one’s self, the first would be to define the purpose for doing so. Once you have set a goal, you plan how to do it. Once you have planned it, the next step is to carry out your plan. This is where the talk starts.

When we start implementing out our plans, we are bound to encounter struggles, problems  and failures,  but it’s ok to experience such, for we are not yet at the victory stage. We are still at the training stage. We go through all these struggles, problems and failures to learn from them so that we may be stronger  and wiser next time around. All these experiences are here to shape us and form us to become champions of God.

Bo gave a story about a man from the province  who has gone to the city for the first time. He booked at room at a hotel, and a bell boy assisted him to his room. The man exclaimed,”what kind of room is this, there’s no window, no bed, and no chair. Is this really what the hotel has to offer me?” The bell boy answered,”Sir, it’s okay. We are still on the way to your room. We’re still in the elevator.” Likewise, we may not obtain the desired results yet in our life because we are still in the elevator of our training.

In life, the key to success is execution. It’s actually doing what you plan. It’s the carrying out of the plan. Without it, you can never move forward and will always stay the same. I can give you an example: a man who loves to make excuses. This man has a dream. He made a plan. There is a problem, however with execution. Whenever he’s about to carry out a plan, something comes up and he justifies by saying, “let me finish this thing first, then I can carry out my plan.” He waits for the perfect timing so that he can carry out his plan, but always finds excuses for not starting it. What will become of that man? He will forever end up in the same condition as before, because he never took the initiative to execute his plan.

I like Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It!“. It is true, but I’d like to add to it: “Just Do It and Do It and Do it Again!”. Nothing will ever happen if we don’t start anything, and practice makes perfect. When we start something, it’s really tough at first, but as you go on, you start to get the feel of it, and you’ll get used to it.

In the earlier years in the Philippines, low water pressure was a prevalent problem among house owners. People would opt to use a plastic dipper called a “tabo” to scoop up water from a big plastic container used as a water reservoir. That’s how people took baths. There was no water heater back then.  The first time the bather wets himself with water from the “tabo” is really quite a disconcerting experience. But after the first shower of water from it, the succeeding ones are much easier, because by that time, our body’s temperature has adopted to the water’s temperature already and has anticipated the same temperature for the succeeding showers of water. Likewise, when we force ourselves initially to do what we have planned to do (no matter what condition we’re in), we will most likely find ourselves unfamiliar with what we’re doing, and it’s pretty tough. But after doing it again and again for over a period of time, It becomes our second nature to do it.

There are 3 principles of execution:

1. Just start. Don’t wait for things to happen, or for the right opportunity, for it will never come. Just start doing in now!!! Instead of waiting for the right opportunity, do it immediately and trust that the Lord will on your side, and know that nothing can go wrong.

2. Start small. It is better for us to get the feel of everything rather than start big and see yourself fail because you lacked basic experience. Many people who ventured into businesses without any experiences failed because they lack the knowledge on how to run it. It would be more prudent if one were to start small to test the waters first before moving into something of a grander scale.

3. Start again. We are bound to commit mistakes when we start something new. Do not ever give up. Be persistent. Aim for persistent execution rather than aiming for perfect execution.

Have you walked around a memorial park or cemetery? If you have, what do you see? I see a lot of lost plans, plans that were never executed, dreams that were lost. These dreams died with the persons. We, on the other hand, still have a chance to make our dreams come true, as long as we’re alive. Let us not waste our dreams away and make them realities!


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