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Overhaul postcard

The second session on the series of talks entitled, “Overhaul”, by Bo Sanchez at the Feast this Sunday talks about Planning. The bible tells us to plan our life. Proverbs 21:5 says, “The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to want.” Proverbs 14:21-22 says, “Those who despise their neighbors are sinners, but happy are those who are kind to the poor. Do they not err that plan evil? Those who plan good find loyalty and faithfulness.” God wants us to plan ahead, and when we plan, we should plan good things and not something evil that could be damaging to ourselves and our neighbors. He didn’t give us a phenomenal brain so that we could waste it away. Everything that God created has a good purpose. Some people think that just because Jesus gave us the child’s faith as an example for everyone to follow means they should be totally dependent on God in such a way that they trust that everything that comes their way is from God and they just take life as it is not lifting a finger, and just ride along the journey of their lives, no matter how rough their life becomes. Then they start blaming God claiming that they didn’t deserve what they got. Remember the parable of the Talents (Talent was a monetary unit of value during the biblical times) found in Matthew 25:14-30?

Bo goes on saying, “Failures do not plan to fail. They just fail to plan.” A lot of our failures in business is because we never bothered to do any business plans, (I was once like that) due to all the excitement and hype over the idea of having those businesses, or perhaps naive and too proud to show it to business consultants. Before Bo started building Light Of Jesus, he consulted other religious leaders from other communities. Likewise, we have to be humble enough to ask for the opinions of experts in the field instead of jumping straight into the pool.

In relationships, do not just get into relationships and having children because of peer pressure, or self-consciousness over one’s age. Having childlike faith means trusting that the Lord will bless you when the right time comes. Nothing is impossible with God. He made the elderly women in the bible bear children. Have children if you are financially, emotionally, physically and maturely ready to handle such responsibilities. Don’t just have children because you love kids. Otherwise, you will only be putting the kid to misery and end up misguiding him. Don’t get married because you are attracted to the person. Look deeper into everything that would come along with marriage. Find out you are willing to commit yourself to such life with that person with all her positive and negative traits after sacrificing a lot from your single life, otherwise the marriage won’t last long. Plan carefully before you destroy someone’s future and yours too.

In the streets, when you get to talk to the street dwellers and ask them what is the most important thing to them, the most common answer you’ll get is “Makakain lang ako ng tatlong beses ngayong araw na ito, okay na ako,” (For non Filipinos, it means “If I can eat three square meals today, I’d be okay.” Please note that when Filipinos say “okay”, it’s another term of expressing one’s contentment.) These people don’t plan ahead, and that’s why they stay that way.

“Life is a print-out from your thoughts”, says Bo. He metaphorically compared the printer’s output to that of the result of our actions as sprung from our thoughts, and the pc to our mind. The thoughts are the files. Whatever’s in the computer comes out of the printer the moment you hit the PRINT button. As long as you don’t change the file, whenever you print, the same output comes out from the printer tray. In life, whatever we’re experiencing now is really what’s inside us. As long as you don’t plan anything in your life, you will continue to experience the same thing all your life. Planning involves creating some nonexistent future reality in your mind.

There are two kinds of thoughts where print-outs come from. One is from memories, and the other is from imagination. If you do not plan, your life will be based on your memories, but if you plan, your life will be based on your imagination.

So how do we plan? By making it up. It’s from our imagination and the possibilities are endless. Albert Einstein said “imagination is more important than knowledge. It is being able to think about the future reality that is not yet existing.”

There are two important qualities to planning. The first one is “Be Positive!” The second one is “you’ve got to Be Proficient”. If you’re not a positive thinker, you will not even bother to plan. An example was given about the world record history on running. In the early 19th century, the world believed that nobody can run a mile under 4 minutes. An olympic athlete had set set a  record at 4 minutes and 30 seconds. A few years later, another one broke it with 4 minutes 20 seconds. Then another new record came in with 4 minutes and 10 seconds. The last record remained unbroken until many decades later in 1954 when Roger Bannister broke the myth by breaking a new world record of 3 minutes 59.44 seconds. Because of that everybody started attempting to break the world record, and now even high-schoolers can run a mile faster than that. There are in fact super athletes now like the Jamaican runner, Usain Bolt.  All these were made possible because of positive thinking which made plans realities.

We should engage in activities that encourage us to become positive, like reading good books, hanging out with non-toxic and non-critical friends, picking good shows as well as educational shows or informative shows that could help give you good ideas on tv instead of the regular teleseryes (tv series) that involve so much violence, crime, sex and other immoral scenes, and so much more. Displace the negativity, and you become confident with yourself.

Being positive is not enough as one should be also proficient. As mentioned earlier, a lot of businesses failed because the owners didn’t have business plans, and if they did, they just studied it on their own without consulting any business mentors due to pride. You cannot be proficient if you are not open-minded and humble enough to admit that you need second opinions from mentors in cases that you need to, especially major decisions. Always study anything before getting into anything. Engage in productive activities regularly. Unless you learn you will not be proficient. Proficiency is all about habits. As stated in the first session on Purpose, “success is not an act, but a habit”, because repetition is the mother of all skills. If you want to develop skills you got to practice it repeatedly.

Let’s create a world of good possibilities ahead of us. Let’s plan ahead! 🙂

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