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Overhaul- My Own Notes And Reminders From The Feast, Sunday, 1/8/12 Session

The Feast starts the year with a series entitled, “Overhaul”.

There are 4 elements (broken into 4 sessions) of going through this overhaul:

Purpose – define our purpose for this overhaul

Plan – we map out our plan

Practice  – we execute our plans

Produce  – we produce our results based on our execution of our plans

For this session, we start of  with Purpose.

Bo Sanchez starts off by recounting his younger years when he had his first car. His car kept breaking down until he had his car engine overhauled. His car ran smoothly after being overhauled. Likewise he likened us to car engines. We, too, need to be overhauled, in order for us to have a smooth running life.

According to Bo, success and failure are habits, not acts. There are some people who are always broke. No matter how much money they gain, they always end up broke. There are people who no matter how successful they have become, they still remain depressed and discontented. There are people who are sources of joy and laughter that no matter where they go they seem to infect the people around them with joy and laughter. There are people who are exactly the opposite. There are so many, many more examples that I can list, but the point is the results of our actions are based on what we habitually do, and how we habitually do things.  These habits are patterns of thought, behavior, and speech, which we can change in order to overhaul ourselves.

It was advised by Bo that we should change these patterns one by one, as we can’t master the change by concentrating on so many defects all at the same time. You can take a 30-day challenge by picking one thing that you want to change and see if you can consistently do the change for 30 days. No matter how far you have gone, any day you fail in your challenge, you’ll have to start counting from 0 again, until you successfully master the 30-day challenge. It may be anything, such as your temper, pride, humility, negativeness, etc.

There are 7 rules to the 30-day challenge:

1. Select one habit to break. As mentioned above, one cannot master changing many aspects in one’s life. You have to do it one by one, until you have mastered them all.

2. Aim for 30 days. According to psychologists, it takes 21 days for a person to change a habit. It takes 21 days to create a mental pathway in your brain. For Bo, 21 days is just the passing mark, but 30 days gets you to the honor roll.

3. Do it daily. Don’t do it only when you feel like doing it. If you want to develop it as a habit, it has to be done all the time.

4. Schedule it. If you want to be a successful salesman, you have to start by committing yourself to a daily schedule of planned activities, like making sales calls. It applies to everything, not just in sales.

5. Replace it. Whatever thing that you want to rid off, you have to replace it with something good (in the eyes of God) and beneficial for you. An example would be to read a book instead of wasting your time watching telenovelas.

6. Study it. If you want to obtain a virtue in order to make that change, it is advisable that we read about it. Read books about humility so that you may gain a better understanding of what humility is all about. Chances are, you may have a false sense of what humility is all bout and you’ll most likely end up with less favorable results.

7. Support. Obtain support from friends. Let them know what your plans are, so that they may pray for you, as well as provide as reality checks for you at times when you forget.

Are you up to the challenge? Let’s take the challenge together and see how far we can go, and how better our life will be after.


2 responses

  1. hi! im new here. Nagsesearch kasi ako ng photo ng overhaul tapos nag-appear tong blog mo. Nice reflections. Ginrab ko pla yung photo, pero ni-link kita 🙂

    January 23, 2012 at 2:04 pm

  2. Ok lang. Looks like our blogs are sort of related. Keep it up! 🙂

    January 23, 2012 at 2:34 pm

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