Reflections From The Bible And Life

A Clear Image Of God

1 John 2:22-28; Psalm 98:1-4; John 1:19-28

Who is God to you? Is he a God of love and mercy who sent His Son to save us from sin, and is slow to anger, or is he a wrathful God who is quick to judge people by every action that we undertake? Each one of us could have a different impression of Him based on our life experience and upbringing, but the answer lies in front of us. It’s written everywhere in the bible. Every passage reminds us of how the Lord loves us selflessly, how patient He is with us, and how great His love is for us, for He blesses us abundantly, and so much more with His sacrifices. Aside from these, you’ll find out how much involved God is in our lives. It is important that we read the bible on a daily basis to get to know our creator better, so that we may appreciate and understand Him better, and know that we are not alone.

Knowing God may not be important to you, but the image you have of Him sets the tone of your relationship with Him. A life lived without the Lord in our life is a life full of turmoil, endless chaos, and a life without inner peace and without real contentment in anything. You’ll never know what you’re missing till you have totally surrendered your life to God, read up and learn about Him, and let Him take the driver’s seat for you.

O Lord, my Creator, show us Your love through the people and situations around us, and engrave your message of love deep in our hearts. Make us hunger and thirst for You always!


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