Reflections From The Bible And Life

Always Present

Isaiah 45:6-25; Psalm 85:9-14; Luke 7:18-23

It’s amazing how a carpenter who once walked on the face of the earth thousands of years ago is gloriously well-remembered up to this day, and His name has become the most important name in all history of mankind!

At times I feel envious of the people during Jesus‘ time, for they had the chance to physically be with Jesus. On the other hand, I also feel lucky not being alive during that time, for if I were alive, I would have reacted just the same as the rest of the people. It was really difficult back then to believe in Jesus especially when He was just a carpenter’s son, and had humble beginnings. It’s like listening to a construction worker in the present day, hearing him claim that He is the Son Of God. The bible wasn’t written yet as well during the time of Jesus.

As envious I am of the people who had the chance of being with Him physically during those times. I am feel lucky because although I don’t see His physical presence anywhere, I always feel His presence in the many situations that happened in my life, the countless times when He did miracles in my life, as well as the wonderful God-sent people who had been there for me at least once in my life when I needed help most.

I’ve had experienced Jesus through the strangers who helped me at times when I was stranded in strange places, through my parents’  and sisters’ undying love, affection and support for me, through thoughtful friends who sacrificed their time just to help me out in times of despair or when I just needed someone to talk to, and simply friends who enjoyed sharing their life with me just as I did them.

I thank Jesus for His constant love and affection for me through all these people and miraculous incidents. I’m truly blessed to be able to feel His presence every single day!


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