Reflections From The Bible And Life

Be Jesus To Others!!!

Selflessness love, humility and self-emptying are the key factors to spreading God’s love to others. We can compare driving on the road to our life of faith. Imagine driving on the road while there is an accident on either side of the road. Why is it everytime there’s an accident on the road, even though the accident has been cleared, the traffic still continues on both sides of the road? It’s because we are rubbernecking and trying to find out what happened. When it’s something bad, it always catches our attention. However, have you ever seen a motorist slow down while he drives though the road at the right time in the morning when the sun is just rising, and surrounding him are breathtaking sceneries, the cool and fresh morning air, and other things that our senses can sense and cherish? I have never seen such motorist, for we tend to take everything for granted. We are more interested in the bad things that happen to us.

The bad things on the road, the accidents, are our life’s stumbling blocks. These are the things that we focus on instead of all the blessings that God has given us which are available within our reach. Pride, trials, selfishness, pessimism, self -pity, ignorance, and a whole list more, are the stumbling blocks in our life. As long as we continue to hold on to these stumbling blocks, we will never unleash the full potential of God’s blessings, and we may never grow spiritually. We need to empty ourselves of these defects of ours and start focusing on the things that come from God and using the grace that God has given us. Always have a positive mind, as nothing is impossible to the Lord, and He is on our side. Surrendering to our false beliefs about ourselves and our misconceptions is like losing faith in God’s awesome power and majesty and in His presence.

In  the last blog, I mentioned the word Kenosis, which means the process of self-emptying. Jesus is the best example of this. He divested Himself of godly powers and became one of us just to gain our love and attention. It is through the kindness and unconditional love that He has shown us that we were drawn to Him. While man is naturally more interested in the negative things that happen to him as proven through gossips and tabloids and other media, man also has a soft spot for God’s kindness and goodness, even when he won’t admit it at times because of pride and other useless stuff. Man is touched when someone selflessly gives himself to another person out of love , and never expecting anything in return. Although the actions that the selfless person does doesn’t merit any news worth gossiping, the actions leave deep imprints on the persons affected. It almost always leaves a person with a desire to seek the answers as to what makes that person so different from others, if it doesn’t cause a transformation in him. While Jesus was born to an ordinary carpenter and was poor, He nevertheless had a magnetic personality and was able to capture the attention of multitudes of crowds during His time.  It was exactly His great love, humility and wise advises that drew all these crowds to Him.

Jesus taught us love one another as He has loved us. Nowadays, however, it is very hard to find a person who resembles Him, personality-wise.  In fact, I’ve heard of a child who asked a stranger if He was Jesus after the man decided to miss his flight and help  re-complete the child’s puzzle after he accidentally tripped over the child’s puzzle. The man was filled with guilt and sympathy that he decided to help him. Cases like this are so rare, that the question that the boy asked was real enough in today’s time. The imprint that the man left on that boy was so real that he was touched and wanted to know if that was exactly how it feels to be loved by Jesus, which is exactly what the question equated to.

We may have gone through so many trials in our life, and have strayed away from God countless times. On our worst strays in life, there is always one or two persons who imprinted on us that had a great effect on us and caused our transformation. We should be grateful to these people for reflecting God’s love to us.

Jesus wants us to love one another and help one another. We too, can make a difference in other people’s lives.  The closer we resemble to Him, the better the impact we can imprint on one’s life. Being like Jesus to others  may be good, but being Jesus to others is even better.

Let’s spread God’s love to others!!!


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