Reflections From The Bible And Life

Hold On!

Daniel 5:1-28; Daniel 3:62-67; Luke 21:12-19

Daily stress from work, at home, or even with friends, sometimes, makes one feel like wanting to give up and go somewhere else and just abandon everything. God tells us to remain faithful and trust that He will provide the right words and solutions for us to say and do, and that with such words and actions, nobody will be able to disagree with us no matter how they despise us. The secret is always to include the Lord in all your decision-making. Anything that you decide on your own is bound to turn to a wrong choice if we don’t consider His teachings in the way you do things, and seek His presence in every situation.

In the bible reading I had today, King Belshazzar was given as an example of how we would become if we don’t make room for the Lord in our lives. We become disillusioned with ourselves and become self-serving. In addition to that, without the Lord’s help, our patience runs short and there will always be that hole in our hearts, that whatever we seek or even obtain, we will never have that level of inner peace and contentment in our hearts as we would have, with the Lord on our side. No amount of material wealth will ever satisfy you if you don’t have God beside you, and in your heart.

So the next time you face any challenge in life, ask God for help, pray for it, and believe that He will guide you all along the way.



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