Reflections From The Bible And Life

Trust In The Lord

Romans 4:20-25; Luke 1:68-75; Luke 12:13-21

Having faith in God is like playing in a game with a team. When we start losing out to our opponents, we start to become demoralized, and the tendency is for us to lose. The key here is not to focus on what is happening and equate it to defeat. Instead of surrendering yourself to defeat, concentrate on doing your very best to help out your team, have fun and never lose hope, trusting that your efforts as a team will pay off. If you do that, you are bound to infect your dedication to your teammates, and everyone else in your team will be motivated to do their best as well. The team is bound to win one way or another.

Likewise, when we are faced with trials in our life, we should not be quick to lose ourselves amidst our trials. Instead of focusing on our misfortunes and trials, we should instead focus on exerting our best efforts to pull away from these trials. In cases wherein we feel we have done everything that we could and still nothing helped, we should trust in the Lord that He will deliver us from harm as always.

God has time and time again showed us how powerful He is, from the parting of the Red Sea, through the many different prophets that He has provided, through Jesus, and even to our present-day miracles that happen in our daily life. Always remember that God will not allow anything to happen to us if He thinks we cannot handle. If we experience such trials, it is because He knows that we are tougher than we think we are, and we can handle these hurdles with Him guiding us.

Think of the Lord as your teammate who will never let you down!

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