Reflections From The Bible And Life

Spread The Good News!!!

Romans 15:14-21; Psalm 98:1-4; Luke 16:1-31

The Lord wants us to spread the Good News to the world. If you read the bible, Jesus’ life on Earth was all about reaching out to those who had never heard of Him. He didn’t bother preaching to those who already knew God, nor to those who knew but twisted the truth, like the Pharisees.

Our first pope, St. Peter, as well as others like St. Paul, help spread the Good News to as far as the Roman Empire, which was the world power of that time, as well as other continents.  God blessed the apostles with His Holy Spirit that Christianity spread like wildfire, and the Romans embraced Christianity so much that Roman Catholicism was born, and it spread worldwide.
Despite the vast extent of the spread of Christianity, there are still a lot of people who don’t know God, like native tribes and other people who have been out of reach of civilization. God is calling us to tap these people and spread the good news to them.  Aside from them, you just have to keep your eyes open and be observant of people around you who may be distant from God, who you may be able to help. There are a lot of people who come from Christian families, raised with Christian moral values and schooled in Catholic schools, and yet, God plays a minor role in their lives, and remains but a fixture or decoration in their homes. Being branded as Catholic or Christian is just a name to them. These people, too, need to hear the wisdom coming from God’s Word.
A lot of times when we get caught up in our own web of activities, we easily lose sight of God’s presence in what we experience and do, and in the people that we deal with. Many pray to Him but do not allow Him to be the captain of their ship. We can help these people too.
Although God wants us to spread the word to the unchurched, the churched needs God’s guidance too every now and then, for we have the natural tendency to sin when we are not careful. The real juice here is God wants us to dedicate our lives being His witnesses to others. Blogging, writing, pastoring, preaching, as well as being a true friend to someone may just be some of the million ways where one may make a difference in another person’s life. God gave us a brain so we could use it, so let’s make the most out of our creativity and ideas.

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