Reflections From The Bible And Life

God’s Acceptance is More Important Than Man’s Acceptance

Romans 2:1-11; Psalm 62:2-9; Luke 11:42-46

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Growing up as a child, I had a feeling of insecurity as I always noticed that kids my age tend to talk to other kids rather than to me. I had a poor sense of belonging with kids my age.  How I longed to have a lot of friends and yet I felt inadequate enough to do so, and felt that I was boring to be with. I used to deeply value the feeling of belonging and always worry about being out-of-place in social gatherings and events, but I hated the stress of having to go through with it, that’s why I hated parties. Having experienced loneliness and anonymity during my childhood, I learned to play by myself, and became a loner.  This is one of the reasons why I felt more at home being unnoticed than being noticed.

During school days, I preferred to stay quiet and not participate in classroom discussions, recitations, as well as school activities. I was contented with getting 75, the minimum passing grade. I was probably quite gifted at doing it, or perhaps because I was lucky all the time. I would flush red whenever the teacher calls me for recitation and asks me questions. Sometimes I would even stammer and shake. I could feel my lips shivering.

As I grew older and wiser and eventually gained some friends, I realized that they are no different from me, as they each had their own share of apprehensions too to a different degree, while some,  in other areas of concerns. Aside from this, I have learned to accept the fact that God created us so differently from each other that no one being is exactly the same as the other, and that what mattered most is not acceptance in this world but acceptance by God our maker. With God, it was much easier and simpler to live my life since I now don’t have to worry about what people think about me, as long as I do what is pleasing in God’s eyes. I didn’t have to worry about catching too much attention from God for I know everything good that I do is an investment for my future life, which is eternal life with the Lord. In addition to this, I know that the Lord is kind and merciful, and is not critical with you, as long as He sees your efforts in doing your best to listen to Him and follow what He teaches us through the bible and through the life that Jesus lived, as a clear example for us to follow, as well as His teachings.

Nowadays it doesn’t matter to me if my relatives are clueless about the activities that I do to keep myself preoccupied, as long as I do know that I am using my time wisely by helping others and that He is happy with what I’m doing. My family members may be more successful than me in earthly sense, but in the end all the material wealth will only be insignificant. What is important is what you did with your blessings.  I am also not affected by getting more attention from people anymore, for to me it is now unimportant, so I don’t feel conscious about it anymore. Same with getting embarrassed. There’s no such thing anymore. The important thing is you are doing the right thing.

Reality check: Do you serve God because you love the acclaim, or do you serve God because you love Him? Pride and selfishness have no place in service for the Lord. The Lord doesn’t care what or how you put on the table. He cares about how you share what’s on the table and who you share them with. There is no limits to God’s love. It should extend to anyone you meet.

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