Reflections From The Bible And Life

Angelic Protection

Revelation 12:7-12; Daniel 7-14; Psalm 138:1-5; John 1;47-51

The bible reminds us that in the end, Satan and his legions will eventually lose in the battle between good and evil, and God will prevail. In relation to this, Satan will be thrown into the earth, and so with his legions of followers. Likewise, all those who cling to their earthly life and possessions for their own selfish desires shall also end up in the same predicament as them.

Michael and his angels as mentioned in Revelation pertains to God’s archangel and His angels, who remain true and loyal to Him. They will defend the Lord’s kingdom against the evil ones.

The battle between good and evil is happening now even as I edit this blog. Each one of us has a guardian angel assigned to us by God to protect us from the evil one. As long as we remain true to the Lord, we will always be protected from the evil one, and so with our young innocent ones.

Hebrews 13:2 states, “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for they have entertained angels unaware.” So be kind to strangers, whether they be beggars or your parents or president of the country.

I myself have gone through many incidents where God protected me. Among the many ones, I can still vividly remember how I got into an accident in Tagaytay in 1999. I was driving and I miscalculated and hit a cemented divider post in the middle of the road. I was pinned to the steering wheel as a result of that, plus the car accordioned, squashing me and my companions. I was about to pass out for lack of air. But I remember seeing someone so big and strong and was as white as anything. He asked me if I believed he could help me. I said “yes, please help me!” Then I was lifted up from my seat and brought down to the road beside my wrecked car. Then I passed out. When I woke up I was already in the hospital. When we got out, I checked out the wrecked car and saw that there was no way that I could have survived and escaped (nor could have been helped by someone) considering the fact that the steering wheel remained intact, and nobody sawed off anything, and there was so little space to move on. That was my own “Michael” who rescued me, out of God’s bidding.

Lord, I thank You for assigning me an angel to watch over me 24/7/365.


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