Reflections From The Bible And Life

The Call For Justice

Zechariah 8:1-8; Psalm 102:16-23; Luke 9:46-50

A lot of people nowadays think that justice can be obtained by blaming the government, the politicians, the rich and powerful, and just about everyone else but themselves, seeking rightful recompense for their sufferings. Some people think that killing the people they believe to be the cause of their miseries can give them a sense of justice.

Just recently, there were two separate unrelated incidents of senseless murders involving teens in SM mall branches. The motives were rooted on love triangle cases wherein the spurned lovers killed the boyfriends while they were spotted in the malls. Both incidents had the same story, although these teens were unrelated to each other, and happened in two separate SM outlets. The killers were only thirteen-year old teens. Where is justice in this?

Jesus reminds us that the source of evil is in the hearts of men. We have the natural tendency to protect our own interest, and thus replacing love with suspicion and competition.

What the world needs is the justice of Jesus Christ, which is a justice that comes from God’s grace. Jesus died for sinners to shake us from our illusion that we are self-sufficient, so that we may need others and need God and His forgiveness as well as friendship.

Justice may only be achieved if our actions are done out of love. It is Christ’s selflessness that saves us from our own selfishness. Moving from this, we should be motivated to create just societies where all receive what is necessary to live with dignity and charity.

It may be very hard to accept rejection in relationships and disapproval from others, but with prayers for His guidance and for His grace, we will understand His goodness behind our sufferings and learn from our experience, as well as move on in peace with God on our side.



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