Reflections From The Bible And Life

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1 Timothy 3:1-13; Psalm 101:1-6; Luke 7:11-17

1 Timothy 3 speaks of how we should emulate Jesus even as the passages refer to people aspiring to be bishops and deacons. We should emulate them, if we are to show God how much we love and admire Him. As long as we strive to follow His ways and teachings, even as imperfect as we are, the Lord will be compassionate with us, and will help us out. He helps us as He sees fit, in His time.

Austin was a black sheep who was a drug addict, an alcoholic, and a womanizer. It took his mother 39 years before God answered her prayer for her son. That mother who remained faithful to God and remained a loving and supportive mom, so God took pity on her, and her son. She became a saint. Today she is known as St. Monica, and her son was blessed as a result of God’s mercy and her faithfulness. He was blessed with the virtues of a saint and became St. Augustine.

Luigi and Mela have been waiting for a child since they got married many years ago. However they tried, they just couldn’t bare a child. “Will this child ever come?” they prayed.

Don’t be surprised if you see Luigi and Mela kiss a handsome boy crashing the drums to heavenly music. Their son, Sean, is now in high school!

Their time has come, and yours is coming! Keep a strong faith in the Lord and He will answer you in His time!


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