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By Loving God, Results Will Always Be Good

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Romans 8:28-39; Micah 5:1-4; Psalm 13:6; Matthew 1:1-23

How many people are drowning in credit card debts? Most of these debts are caused by the cardholders themselves, thinking they have extra money and purchasing power with the plastic card on their wallet, which is not actually the case. Credit card companies thrive on interest rates earned from suckers who pay minimum rate each monthly billing  period. The sad part about this business is, the very same people who produce these credit card companies’ income are also the very first people who the credit card companies run after in times of delinquency. There isn’t much real customer relations with credit card companies. It’s a stupid business that only makes one disillusioned and is actually unnecessary, if you’d ask me.

In times of suffering, what seems to be may not always be. We wish for things that we think are the best for us during times like these. Just as we make our own conclusions drawn from our own opinions from life experience, we are suddenly proven wrong or led to an awakening by the Lord in unexpected situations that arise suddenly, or through people that we suddenly meet. If our eyes are only focused on ourselves, we fail to see what God wants us to see.

Most of the time when we think we are at our most rock-bottom, we often hear about stories from other people who are in worse situations than us. In times like these, it’s good to talk to people who are suffering from related issues which you might benefit from, for wisdom could come from these people, or you could also shed some light to others. Helping others in times like these transforms you into a light for others from merely being a victim. God blesses us as we do this.

Moreover, it is in times like these where we feel helpless and  we are challenged by God to take a true Christian stand, as well as the challenge of having true faith, trust and confidence in God, and believing in His goodness and promises, as stated in Romans 8:28: “That all things will eventually work for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose.”

With God, everything turns out wonderfully, whether you are in a happy state or in times of difficult trial. It is what you make of yourself that determines whether things will work for good or not. If you act out on your own against God’s will, the result will never turn out right. Lack of faith, trust, self-centeredness plus  impatience, impulsiveness, temperance are things that can drive a person to do what is not coming from God.. Many lack faith in God and end up with any of these or a combination of these, causing them to do something wrong, and therefore their actions won’t bear fruit at all. Instead they find themselves in deeper trouble.

It is wise practice to think first before you act, “What would Jesus do if He was in my shoe?” In the example of the credit card scenario, why bother getting a credit card when we are supposed to spend only within our means and not beyond our means? Why create a bigger mess by spending more than what you earn? The solution is quite simple, really. Learn to budget. Plan ahead. These are things that would be favorable to God. Even Jesus didn’t need a credit card when He was on earth. He lived a simple life and didn’t need a Mercedes or a Toyota, nor did He need gel for His hair. Living a simple life will allow you to save a lot of money.

For everything, there is a season, and for a good reason. A good fruit tree can’t be harvested instantly. It has to be given some time to grow with tender loving care, as well as be pruned, so that it may bear good fruits.

Lord, strengthen my faith that I may feel Your presence especially in my darkest hours. Let me see Your light in times of darkness, so that I may be enlightened and be a light to others in Your name.


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  1. Good stuff.

    September 8, 2011 at 11:54 am

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