Reflections From The Bible And Life

Always Persevere As Christians

Colossians 1:21-23; Psalm 54:3-8; Luke 6:1-5 The Lord died on the cross as man so that we may be reconciled with God. The bible states that salvation is granted for those who live their lives with final perseverance. Final perseverance is defined as the preservation of the state of grace till the end of life. Although we are born sinners, the Lord gives us the grace to overcome sin, if only we accept this grace wholeheartedly. From the simplest rising from the bed to attend morning Mass when one would rather sleep to the will to minister when one would rather stay in a corner and and drown in self-pity and mope around, The Lord fills us with the grace to do what is right. When we feel that we cannot take any steps further and yet we continue to do so, we are filled with God’s grace and are guided by it. If we commit ourselves to His grace and continue to persevere, there’s no stopping us from gaining eternal salvation. We cannot be Christians only for a day or two, for God wants us to live Christian lives for the rest of our life. It is a commitment. Our new covenant with God through Jesus requires us to keep ourselves holy and pure forever. What we can do if we are weak is pray for the grace of final perseverance, knowing with faith that He will never keep it from us.


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